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I am a millwright and machinist by trade.
In high school people called these things Industrial Arts. Rightfully so!
It often takes just as much art as it does technical training when you work in a machine shop.

Totally Fab

Fabrication works best when I plan my work and then work my plan. Take measurements, do a dimensional drawing, label everything along the way. Totally opposite of the completely extemporaneous and emotional way I paint. by

Art From Waste

In grade 6 art instructor John Fure introduced me to the concept of assemblage sculpture. For the next 6 years that single form of creative expression played the second greatest roll in my life. I can’t remember exactly what I… Continue Reading →

Work, Play, Art

Precision ground blocks and cylindrical rare earth magnets combined for an aesthetically pleasing assemblage. Somebody was having fun at work. by

Decade of Dirty

July marks my ten year anniversary with my employer. Lies! That doesn’t include the time I spent as a temp (5 months).  Nor does it reflect that the company hired me got bought up and more or less no longer… Continue Reading →

Sky Pilot

My new glasses have arrived. Prepare the dirigible! by

Jacob Roth – Maintenance Machinist

Jacob Roth – Maintenance Machinist. Testing linking. by

Toolbox Topper


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