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Creative involves what people tend to think of as art in the more strict sense.
Visual Arts, Media Arts, Writing, Music, Performance. I’ll mix as I please and hope you enjoy.

Morning Ponderance

I have a hard time accepting that there are people perfectly happy to lead a normal existence pursuing the status quo. by

After the Rally

There was a strange moment this afternoon. I woke up early. Saw friends off on their trip home to California. Made breakfast. Bicycled downtown for a political rally in support of science on Earth Day. Just a typical Pacific Northwest… Continue Reading →

Perpich Impact Statement

In response to a request for how the Perpich Center for Arts Education has impacted me: Lots of folks say “Perpich saved my life.” It is possibly true for me as well. But I wish to approach this from a… Continue Reading →

Shiny Armor

Inside a suit of polished armor is a knight Tough Grizzled Scarred Tired But oh so shiny by


Let’s face it, I’ve been remiss in my blogging. Online presence in general has declined for me. Time to take that back. This blog is supposed to be a repository for creative exploits and inspirations. Great. Where’s the creativity? For… Continue Reading →

Why Thorstead?

My partner and I love Norse mythology. The property was described as a flag lot. We did not see a flag. We saw a short handled hammer. Mj√∂lnir was a short handled hammer. Thus the property inherited the name of… Continue Reading →

Taking the Giant out of the Cave

We’re closing a deal on a new space! If you would like to help move the giant and his partner-in-crimes-against-reality, consider a contribution. There is art available to contributors! by

Rapid Time Pieces

Whipped these out this afternoon. Coke clock was made with a particular recipient in mind. Beer Thirty Skate could be yours. by

Clock Mock

Mock up of clock idea. Shh. Wife is sleeping. Can’t break out power tools yet. by

Pain and Fear

Lots of digitizing of old VHS. Then hit a block. A personal block. I lined up the tapes in the order I wanted to transfer them and now I have stopped. Last night I watched Shaun White’s Russia Calling. He’s… Continue Reading →

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