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I am a millwright and machinist by trade.
In high school people called these things Industrial Arts. Rightfully so!
It often takes just as much art as it does technical training when you work in a machine shop.

Shopsmith Part

We wanted a drill chuck to make full use of the Shopsmith’s functionality. The Shopsmith has a 5/8″ stem on the lathe head. Not a common size for drill chucks. Used ones seemed fairly cheap on ebay. Looked into new… Continue Reading →

Print Reading Class

Both print reading and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are among the classes I have aced. That said… Sometimes a really good engineer gives you a print or drawing that requires some, oh, let’s call it ‘interpretation’. Lucky for him that… Continue Reading →

Another Perfect Extraction

Another fabulous stripped screw extraction today. Tight quarters, left hand drill bit, cordless drill, and years and years of practice. Kroil helps, too. by

Rivet Setter

Sometimes you need a custom tool fast. You look to see what you have on hand, get creative, and save the day. Custom brake pad rivet setter for a 60 ton punch press flywheel clutch/brake assembly made from a salvaged… Continue Reading →

the Freight Train

A friend was telling an apprentice about my awesome, custom, assemblage sculpturesque toolbox. Story; My first benchtop toolbox was the brown mortar shell box. Didn’t need much at the time and it was CHEAP! Next came the black rollaway. Again,… Continue Reading →

Perfect Extraction

Sometimes you perform a difficult task with perfect execution. Broken bolt extraction? Pure art. by

Chopper Basics

Some old art of mine. She was stolen 4 years ago and I still miss her. by


I got a smoking deal on ebay for a drive center for the Shopsmith. It arrived today. Bonus; it came with a Chick Tract! Honestly, these things are even funnier than the parodies. by

New Toy

So this happened tonight… by

Sunday Project

What do I have planned for today’s creative endeavor? Rounding up materials should have taken one stop instead of three. Luckily all three were within one block of each other. With just a holesaw, marker, and tape provided from existing… Continue Reading →

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