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The Cries of the Carrots

Some vegetarians think their cause righteous simply because we can’t hear plants scream. by

Weird Balance

Those who conform to the current preferred paradigm are more likely to succeed. That doesn't mean that the current preferred paradigm is correct. by


People often come to me and say, "Jacob, how do I do this?" In fact it has already happened twice today and we're not even at first break! I don't always know the answer. What I will do is help… Continue Reading →


An assignment this term is to write an autobiography. Four pages. It's tough to work with such restraints. by


Her: I like it when you place your large hands on my sides. It makes me feel sexy. Me: That’s what this country needs right now. Someone with large hands to make America feel sexy again. by

My Best Surf Session So Far

Worked all weekend. Took Monday off and surfed all day. The local break was going off like crazy. Epic surf day. by

Vacation Time

Screw It! by

Chinese Pirate Girls With Crabs

Look, it’s been a long, hot day for me. My heat index monitor topped out at 150F at one point. Not going to put a lot of effort into this one. So today I give you Chinese Pirate Girls with… Continue Reading →

Teflon Discordianism

A long, long time ago I went a bit off the deep end and discovered this thing I called Teflon Discordianism (No Stick Chaos). This was the start of a pamphlet that would lead me to start a compound of… Continue Reading →

Prismatic Circles on an Old Floor


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