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Once In A Lifetime

The trick with a once in a lifetime opportunity is to recognize it when it comes along, jump on it, and don’t let go until the ride is over. Realized I had a handful of once in a lifetime opportunities… Continue Reading →

Print Reading Class

Both print reading and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing are among the classes I have aced. That said… Sometimes a really good engineer gives you a print or drawing that requires some, oh, let’s call it ‘interpretation’. Lucky for him that… Continue Reading →

Bathroom Mirror Fitness Selfie

Go to any fitness forum and you will see the obligatory bathroom mirror fitness selfie. The last two years of running have earned me praise from my doctor for the health benefits. I am in the best cardio-vascular condition of… Continue Reading →

Challenge Mode

Sometimes we need a good challenge to motivate us. This site remains neglected. Meant to kick it off at the beginning of the year and just never quite got around to it. Wanted to do something big, beautiful, and special…. Continue Reading →

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