Let’s face it, I’ve been remiss in my blogging. Online presence in general has declined for me.

Time to take that back.

This blog is supposed to be a repository for creative exploits and inspirations. Great. Where’s the creativity?

For reasons I don’t fully grasp I have found myself in a long slump. Things still get created. Machining still brings me a modicum of happiness. I’ve found myself writing poetry again. Even broke out the polymer clay and had a little fun.

So let’s reboot this thing!

I will try to do more mobile blogging (convenient). I will post even when stuff looks rough and unfinished. I will put myself back out there. Hopefully there will be some interest.

A quarter century ago I started journaling. That act has allowed me to go back and remember things long lost to the deeper recesses of my internal storage system. That’s why external storage systems like journaling and blogs can be so important.

Even our brains need a backup. Let’s turn the lights back on around here.

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