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Creative involves what people tend to think of as art in the more strict sense.
Visual Arts, Media Arts, Writing, Music, Performance. I’ll mix as I please and hope you enjoy.

Friday Morning Reflections

The last couple of days have had me delving back into the realms of cognitive psychology. by

A Grip of Art

Keep forgetting how much art has accumulated in my tiny studio space. Maybe I should get it ready to hang and sell a few? by

Skate Time

Broken skateboard clock! Spent a little extra to get USA made clock movements. This is the test subject. If the clock reads the same time tomorrow, things are either working properly or I waited exactly 12 or 24 hours to… Continue Reading →

Put A Skull On It


Alien Dog Broken Skate

Art supplies and Doggies from Sirius. Seems I am back from hiatus. by

Once In A Lifetime

The trick with a once in a lifetime opportunity is to recognize it when it comes along, jump on it, and don’t let go until the ride is over. Realized I had a handful of once in a lifetime opportunities… Continue Reading →

The Giant Sips His Coffee In Quiet Contemplation


From Another’s Collection

Long ago I researched a paper on the punk rock scene of Britain. In that effort I found an archive of old photos of punks. Scanned a whole bunch and proceeded to reuse them prolifically. Don’t even remember this early… Continue Reading →

Bob Roth

Have a strange desire to paint some landscapes. And then to paint my usual style over them with UV ink and epoxy. by

Talk Like a Pirate Day

How do you talk like a pirate? Spend all day on a sailing vessel and then drink a bottle of rum. This will cause you to talk like a pirate. by

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