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Creative involves what people tend to think of as art in the more strict sense.
Visual Arts, Media Arts, Writing, Music, Performance. I’ll mix as I please and hope you enjoy.

Rivet Setter

Sometimes you need a custom tool fast. You look to see what you have on hand, get creative, and save the day. Custom brake pad rivet setter for a 60 ton punch press flywheel clutch/brake assembly made from a salvaged… Continue Reading →

Part 2: No Machete

A nihilistic statement on the futility of the struggle against technology. No, really. Plus blatant misuse of company property shows the anarchist origins of true nihilism. by

Machete Kills Trees

Art films suck. especially this one. (Actually I LOVE art film) Watch to the end for the surprise!   by

United We Stand

These were distributed as buttons. My supply has run out, but you can buy more! by

Dropping Lines

Pinpointing the exact moment I started to forget my lines… Started acting at the age of 10. Did anywhere from three to six plays a year every year until the age of 17. During that period I remembered every line… Continue Reading →

Rock Paper Scissors

Took my young nephew to a renaissance faire. Afterwards we sat together in the back of the family truckster playing some strange version of rock paper scissors in which he kept wanting to grant the winner new skills with special… Continue Reading →

Airport Sketch

A sketch while waiting for my flight in Portland. Has sculpture potentials. by

the Freight Train

A friend was telling an apprentice about my awesome, custom, assemblage sculpturesque toolbox. Story; My first benchtop toolbox was the brown mortar shell box. Didn’t need much at the time and it was CHEAP! Next came the black rollaway. Again,… Continue Reading →

I’m Going Home

You can never go home. Vacation lands me in the Midwest town of my birth, the place I grew up. While not a tiny town, certainly the kind of place where everyone had shaken the hand of the mayor at… Continue Reading →


aka Cosmo Fish aka Nuit Study #2 by

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