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In the documentary Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger compares body building to the work of a sculptor.
Our bodies present an immediate statement to everyone around us.
With piercings, tattoos, clothing, make-up, diet, and exercise we create the physical art of the self.


Hydration is the second key element in any fitness program. Second? Yes, second. It goes like this; Oxygen Water Food Activity You can only survive a few minutes without oxygen, a few days without water, a week or two without… Continue Reading →

Bad Workouts

Today. Hot. Dripping sweat. Dry. Dust everywhere and not nearly hydrated enough. Wind. Blew the dust in my eyes to make me blind. Snot. Yes snot. Heart rate much higher than normal but still going so damn slow.  Just a… Continue Reading →

I’m Going Home

You can never go home. Vacation lands me in the Midwest town of my birth, the place I grew up. While not a tiny town, certainly the kind of place where everyone had shaken the hand of the mayor at… Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Board

She has cleaned up well. Ready for a final stripping with acetone. Next comes the new paint job. Often I find my pieces have a lot more time invested in preparation than in execution. And another Sam photo bomb, of… Continue Reading →

Indian Head

There is a break just north of Cannon Beach called Indian Beach. The surfers usually call it Indian Head or just Indian. On the really good days, especially during the cold seasons, the surf gets progressively better the farther north… Continue Reading →

Floating Holiday

A great way to spend a floating holiday! Running has given me great stamina. My weight routines have definitely helped with my pop-ups. My legs felt incredibly sore after the drive home. Personal trick for sore legs; go for a… Continue Reading →

Gym Time

Thursday mornings mean time at the gym. The gym looks vacant at 5:00 AM with all the equipment open. Great time for a workout! Credit where due. My “gym” routines originate with Nerd Fitness and Scooby. They do great work…. Continue Reading →

Bathroom Mirror Fitness Selfie

Go to any fitness forum and you will see the obligatory bathroom mirror fitness selfie. The last two years of running have earned me praise from my doctor for the health benefits. I am in the best cardio-vascular condition of… Continue Reading →

Make Some Noise

Ever known someone with a particular sound? Can you tell who has walked up behind you because you heard their steps? Shortly after getting my first pair of combat boots I adorned them with a chain bridle. It wrapped around… Continue Reading →

Sky Pilot

My new glasses have arrived. Prepare the dirigible! by

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