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I got a smoking deal on ebay for a drive center for the Shopsmith. It arrived today. Bonus; it came with a Chick Tract! Honestly, these things are even funnier than the parodies. by

This Banjo Kills Fascists

I know this guy in a band. He plays mandolin and banjo in the band. It’s a REALLY good band. While I enjoy hanging out with him and the band, it’s even better when I get to hang out with… Continue Reading →

Predator Smurf

If it bleeds, we can kill it. PVC primer and PVC cement on concrete. Whoever uses the shop after me will probably have a bit of a WTF moment. by

One Microscopic Cog

A rare early piece. Very much a part of my early experimentation with acrylics, impasto, and abstract expressionism. Also one of my canvas pieces. Most of my painting happens on pressboard. by

Cleaning the Board

She has cleaned up well. Ready for a final stripping with acetone. Next comes the new paint job. Often I find my pieces have a lot more time invested in preparation than in execution. And another Sam photo bomb, of… Continue Reading →

rED is Dead

One time I opened my red paint and this gelatinous goo squeezed out. The consistency of the pigment determined the outcome of this piece. by

Indian Head

There is a break just north of Cannon Beach called Indian Beach. The surfers usually call it Indian Head or just Indian. On the really good days, especially during the cold seasons, the surf gets progressively better the farther north… Continue Reading →

Monkey Girl

India Ink & Correction Fluid by

Panic At Midnight

Colored pencil, India ink, correction fluid,  and my favorite marker paper, Bienfang Graphics 360. Used a bamboo kabob skewer for a stylus. by


This morning I reviewed yesterday’s post. I lied. This belt represents the last assemblage piece I made. by

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