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Why Thorstead?

My partner and I love Norse mythology. The property was described as a flag lot. We did not see a flag. We saw a short handled hammer. Mj√∂lnir was a short handled hammer. Thus the property inherited the name of… Continue Reading →

Taking the Giant out of the Cave

We’re closing a deal on a new space! If you would like to help move the giant and his partner-in-crimes-against-reality, consider a contribution. There is art available to contributors! by

Clock Mock

Mock up of clock idea. Shh. Wife is sleeping. Can’t break out power tools yet. by

Pain and Fear

Lots of digitizing of old VHS. Then hit a block. A personal block. I lined up the tapes in the order I wanted to transfer them and now I have stopped. Last night I watched Shaun White’s Russia Calling. He’s… Continue Reading →

Alien Dog Broken Skate

Art supplies and Doggies from Sirius. Seems I am back from hiatus. by

Once In A Lifetime

The trick with a once in a lifetime opportunity is to recognize it when it comes along, jump on it, and don’t let go until the ride is over. Realized I had a handful of once in a lifetime opportunities… Continue Reading →

I’m Going Home

You can never go home. Vacation lands me in the Midwest town of my birth, the place I grew up. While not a tiny town, certainly the kind of place where everyone had shaken the hand of the mayor at… Continue Reading →

Cleaning the Board

She has cleaned up well. Ready for a final stripping with acetone. Next comes the new paint job. Often I find my pieces have a lot more time invested in preparation than in execution. And another Sam photo bomb, of… Continue Reading →

Test Balls

Polymer clay blending tests. A different method was tried with each to blend the marbling with the solids. For those who don’t know, you can microwave polymer clay. Works best on smaller pieces like these. Place the items in a… Continue Reading →

One, Two, Hands of Blue


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