Lots of digitizing of old VHS. Then hit a block. A personal block. I lined up the tapes in the order I wanted to transfer them and now I have stopped.

Last night I watched Shaun White’s Russia Calling. He’s trying to learn the triple cork in the halfpipe. He can land it over and over into the bag but he keeps bailing out when he attempts it on snow. Two previous attempts both ended in serious injury. A mental block keeps him from committing to the trick, fearful of what happens if he fails.

This tape is nothing that serious. But it hurts and I know it. It has all the TV news footage from my 1992 art show censorship incident. Need to transfer it. Need to commit it to digital, maybe even share. But just can’t seem to do it. Not yet.

But it won’t kill me or shatter my pelvis, so what is the hang up?

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