A friend was telling an apprentice about my awesome, custom, assemblage sculpturesque toolbox.


My first benchtop toolbox was the brown mortar shell box. Didn’t need much at the time and it was CHEAP!

Next came the black rollaway. Again, a bargain. Such a bargain that two coworkers decided to get the same box. So I put a call out to my friends saying, “I need stickers!” That way I could still easily spot my box from across the plant.

An excellent little cart was getting scrapped. It had two drawers. I made it into my ‘maintenance cart’ and dedicated my rollaway as a ‘machining box’.

A department brought a similar cart to me and wanted the three drawers removed from it. Very nice drawers, I thought. So I welded them below the existing drawers on the ‘maintenance cart’.

With the extra weight of three more drawers of tools, the cart needed a handlebar to aid steering. A coworker gave me a set of buckhorns and I machined a mounting block.

Then several things happened at once. The wheels for the cart and my machining box sucked. I needed new. I also wanted to add a work surface and vice. With all this, I decided why not make the whole thing into one big work station.

Thus was born the Freight Train, a fully customized work of functional art.

Freight Train

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