Pinpointing the exact moment I started to forget my lines…

Started acting at the age of 10. Did anywhere from three to six plays a year every year until the age of 17. During that period I remembered every line to every play I had ever done. At 16 someone could have asked me to perform my first role as the eldest son in The Wooing of Lady Sunday and I could have done it without a single rehearsal.

End of junior year I played Romeo. Something changed with that play. My final scene, the suicide scene, I never felt like it was acting. Somehow it felt like channeling the role. After that, I forgot the lines to every play I had done previously. From all to none.

At 18 during the shooting of the video this screen capture comes from, I forgot the one line I had. But I cheerfully blame the director for that. Wouldn’t mind playing such a nasty bad guy again.


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