Track runs using RunKeeper. Decent app. Recently completed a challenge that granted a free month of elite for extra stat tracking capabilities. If I ever get a heart rate monitor that syncs with the app I will probably pay for full-time elite status. Love the data. It also syncs with MyFitnessPal which I have found indispensable.

Enough with the tech. On to the data.

Half-marathon fastest to date. Only by 14 seconds, but many world records are beaten by less. It counts.

A few days later ran my fastest paced 4-6k. Was just meant to be a fool around, “YAY! I don’t have to train any more,” kind of run. I ran it fast.

Then on Sunday beat my previous record for fastest paced 9-12k. Again, just opened up and let myself run however I wanted to. Also had new shoes. Yeah, must have been the shoes. All that new tread giving me loads of grip and new rubber putting a spring in every step.

Today I beat Sunday’s pace. Stopped on the trail to talk with a gal walking three dogs. I like to give Sam the opportunity to socialize with other dogs when she is behaving. Stopped and talked to the neighbor about the house renovation on our block. Still bested my pace from just a few days ago. After three hours sleep. After my graveyard shift. Only a couple of seconds but…

Faster. Good. I’ll whittle my half-marathon time down to my under 2:00:00 goal. And if I try real hard, maybe even under 1:45:00, which would make me a division contender.


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