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Harder Better Faster

Track runs using RunKeeper. Decent app. Recently completed a challenge that granted a free month of elite for extra stat tracking capabilities. If I ever get a heart rate monitor that syncs with the app I will probably pay for… Continue Reading →

Preparing to Run Like Hell

Messed up my training this morning. Along with two hill sprints and an easy 10 minute jog was supposed to run one 400m at 80%. Accidentally ran my fastest 400m to date. Hope this doesn’t ruin my time in the… Continue Reading →

400m Hell

This is how a typical set of 3 x 400 meter sprints should go; 100m – Good pace. I got this. 200m – Yeah, that’s the burn. I’m flying now. Almost done. 300m – Um, yeah. Very nearly done. 350m… Continue Reading →

No Endorsement, No Promises

May or may not run in Portland’s Run Like Hell half marathon. Probably will… not commit to anything on this. doing the training ‘just in case’. Adjusting my diet as though it will happen. Just not saying it will happen… Continue Reading →

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