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Alien Dog Broken Skate

Art supplies and Doggies from Sirius. Seems I am back from hiatus. by

Harder Better Faster

Track runs using RunKeeper. Decent app. Recently completed a challenge that granted a free month of elite for extra stat tracking capabilities. If I ever get a heart rate monitor that syncs with the app I will probably pay for… Continue Reading →

Changing of the Shoes

Two half-marathons and all the training that goes with that. Pounding the pavement in four states in two time-zones. They have earned their retirement. And by retirement I mean they get thrown in the trash before the new shoe scent… Continue Reading →

Once In A Lifetime

The trick with a once in a lifetime opportunity is to recognize it when it comes along, jump on it, and don’t let go until the ride is over. Realized I had a handful of once in a lifetime opportunities… Continue Reading →

Now That I Know I Can Finish

Two half-marathons this year. Both completed in roughly the same time, solid mid-pack. I know I can complete a half-marathon in a respectable amount of time. Great. What now? I see two choices. Either up my distance or decrease time…. Continue Reading →

The Giant Sips His Coffee In Quiet Contemplation


Preparing to Run Like Hell

Messed up my training this morning. Along with two hill sprints and an easy 10 minute jog was supposed to run one 400m at 80%. Accidentally ran my fastest 400m to date. Hope this doesn’t ruin my time in the… Continue Reading →

From Another’s Collection

Long ago I researched a paper on the punk rock scene of Britain. In that effort I found an archive of old photos of punks. Scanned a whole bunch and proceeded to reuse them prolifically. Don’t even remember this early… Continue Reading →

My Best Surf Session So Far

Worked all weekend. Took Monday off and surfed all day. The local break was going off like crazy. Epic surf day. by

Recover Right

Something odd happened this morning. Remember my post a few days back about the hell known as 400m intervals? Today I found an exception to that hell. Today’s workout agenda: 2 sets of 3x 400m intervals. First set went exactly… Continue Reading →

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