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Taking the Giant out of the Cave

We’re closing a deal on a new space! If you would like to help move the giant and his partner-in-crimes-against-reality, consider a contribution. There is art available to contributors! by

Rapid Time Pieces

Whipped these out this afternoon. Coke clock was made with a particular recipient in mind. Beer Thirty Skate could be yours. by

Clock Mock

Mock up of clock idea. Shh. Wife is sleeping. Can’t break out power tools yet. by

Pain and Fear

Lots of digitizing of old VHS. Then hit a block. A personal block. I lined up the tapes in the order I wanted to transfer them and now I have stopped. Last night I watched Shaun White’s Russia Calling. He’s… Continue Reading →

Friday Morning Reflections

The last couple of days have had me delving back into the realms of cognitive psychology. by

A Grip of Art

Keep forgetting how much art has accumulated in my tiny studio space. Maybe I should get it ready to hang and sell a few? by

Skate Time

Broken skateboard clock! Spent a little extra to get USA made clock movements. This is the test subject. If the clock reads the same time tomorrow, things are either working properly or I waited exactly 12 or 24 hours to… Continue Reading →

Put A Skull On It


Alien Dog Broken Skate

Art supplies and Doggies from Sirius. Seems I am back from hiatus. by

Harder Better Faster

Track runs using RunKeeper. Decent app. Recently completed a challenge that granted a free month of elite for extra stat tracking capabilities. If I ever get a heart rate monitor that syncs with the app I will probably pay for… Continue Reading →

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